Zenpool Miners Compensation Report

  • Cause:
    January 11, 2020 3:00PM (Beijing Time) Zeppola’s full node Redis was crashed which affected the web page and mining pool. At 5:40PM it is found the mining data was lost after restart the full node Redis including mining earnings.


    1. Sort out the total amount of coins obtained by mining and list the deposit address.
    2. Miners who has a screenshot of Zenpool earning could use that as the first provident
    3. For those who do not have screenshot, please provide information listed below:
    • WeChat/Telegram name
    • Mining Address
    • Hashrate power
    • Start time
    • Estimated mining earnings
    • Submit relevant certifications: such as rental receipts
    1. Determine the distribution amount of the first provident.
    2. Calculate other declared distribution. If the total amount is less than or equal to the actual output of Zenpool, a distribution plan is determined. If the total declared amount is greater than the actual output, then the compensation measures shall be discussed again.
    3. The information collection and earning declaration will be terminated at 11:59 PM on January 13, 2020 Beijing time.
    4. The distribution plan is expected to be determined on January 15, 2020 Beijing time.

    Zenpool address: FQLBKqEc9xwt9MMadewZwfzTgx4pd69CoG
    The total amount of the output: 164507.25233523
    The declared amount: 168619.64
    Even the declared amount surpasses the total output but since the difference is not too big, the solution was placed. Zenpool distributed the coins regarding to the declared address and earnings manually on 14 January, 18 January and 21 January.

  • 禅池Zenpool矿工补偿报告



    1. 整理挖矿所得币总量,罗列存币地址。结果公开在处理群。
    2. 整理有矿池截图的收益。
    3. 如果没有截图,统计以下信息
    • 微信/电报名
    • 收取矿金地址
    • 算力大小
    • 加入时间
    • 估计的挖矿收益
    • 提交相关证明:如租算力收据
    1. 确定证据确凿的收益分配。
    2. 计算其他申报收益。如果总量小于等于实际产量,则确定分配方案。如申报总量大于实际产量,再制定甄别和补偿措施。
    3. 资料收集和收益申报截止时间:北京时间2020年1月13日晚23:59。
    4. 分配方案预计北京时间2020年1月15日确定


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