• FEIP6: Master
    Version: 6
    Language: en-US
    Author: C_armX
    Status: draft
    Created date: 2021-06-23
    File hash: ""




    General rules of FEIP type protocols

    Rules specific to this protocol


    Example of an authorition


    Type: FEIP
    SerialNumber: 6
    ProtocolName: Master
    Version: 6
    Description : An address authorize another address as its master.
    Author: C_armX
    Language: en-US
    tags: FEIP, Authorization, Master

    General rules of FEIP type protocols

    1. Write important data in OP_RETURN for public witness under FEIP type protocols.

    2. The max size of OP_RETURN : 4096 bytes

    3. Format : Json

    4. Encoding : utf-8

    Rules specific to this protocol

    1. Once the master address is authorized, it can control all the rights and interests of the original address.

    2. An address can't authorize itself.

    3. The authorition can't be deauthorized.

    4. An address can only implement a valid master authorization once, and subsequent authorizations are invalid.


    The OP_RETURN of which contains the data as follows:

    field number field name type length content required
    1 type String 4 Fixed: "FEIP"<br>Case insensitive Y
    2 sn int 1 Fixed: 6 Y
    3 ver int 1 Fixed: 6 Y
    4 name string 6 Fixed: "Master"<br>Case insensitive Y
    5 Hash hex 32 Sha256 value of this file N
    6 data.master string 32 The address designated as the master. Y
    7 data.promise string 34 Fixed:"The master owns all my rights."<br>Case insensitive Y

    Example of a authorition

        "type": "FEIP",
        "sn": 6,
        "ver": 6,
        "name": "Master",
        "hash": ""
            "promise":"The master owns all my rights."

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