Freecash Ecological Construction Progress(2022.3.14)

  • Freecash Ecological Construction progress
    Freecash was released on December 24, 2019 and started operation on January 1, 2020. It
    has been running safely for more than two years. The achievements have far exceeded the
    expectations at the time of startup. It has gradually defined the direction of building
    cryptographic economy infrastructure. The underlying logic has evolved rapidly and entered
    the development stage of middleware and commercial applications.

    1. Major achievements in ecological construction
      1.1.The underlying logic of decentralized economic organization is mature
      Freecash was born in view of the successful experience and lessons of BTC(Bitcoin)
      and BCH(Bitcoin Cash), trying to add decentralized governance mechanism to
      decentralized cryptocurrency and make some improvements(Source: Free Cash
      White Paper 1.0 (2019.7) ). In the process of community
      governance, it is gradually realized that decentralized ecological governance must
      have decentralized organizations, otherwise it is difficult to ensure safety.
      In the process of realizing decentralized governance, we witness the realization of
      decentralized economic organization based on cryptographic consensus mechanism
      is not only feasible, but also more secure, efficient and free. The advantages of BTC
      (Bitcoin) camefrom this, it provides new underlying logic and innovation impetus for
      almost all Internet economic activities. (source: the declaration of password economy
      (2020.4) id=233 )
      Therefore, the positioning of Freecash shifts from cryptocurrency to providing
      infrastructure for decentralized economic organizations. Its ecological facilities also
      go beyond Freecash itself and can be connected with other decentralized systems to
      form a free and open socioeconomic consensus system. Thus, Freecash upgraded to
      FreeConsensus . (source: "a firm foundation for password economic freedom
      consensus:" (2020.3) ( Id = 166 ).
      The upgrade of the underlying logic comes from practice, and it is also tested and
      evolved in practice. After two years of exploration, the underlying logic for building
      infrastructure for decentralized economic organizations has matured, which is
      completely consistent with recent frontier directions such as DAO, NFT, metauniverse
      and DID, and is more systematic and concise. (source: "the liberal consensus
      infrastructure architecture" (2021.6)
      1.2.Formation of basic agreement system of decentralized economic
      Consensus agreement is the cornerstone of decentralized economy, and the
      agreement system of Freecash ecology is the first one constructed and has been
      basically mature.
      Since 2020, a total of 38 ecological consensus agreements have been compiled.
      After two years of trial and error, a free consensus agreement system consisting of
      23 basic agreements has been formed, covering the main components of a
      decentralized economic organization such as agreement, identity, reputation, social
      interaction, organization, service and storage. (source: "Freecash Protocol List,
      1.3.The underlying logic is verified in a series of apps
      Freecash aims to serve mainstream society and build the infrastructure for a more
      open global information economy. This is significantly different from the anarchist
      tendencies of early cryptopunks like Satoshi Nakamoto, who focused on private
      currency, anonymity and anti-censorship. For example, while Bitcoin seeks to conceal
      identity at its most basic level, Freecash's priority is to build a new identity system.
      Therefore, Freecash created a new basic protocol architecture and a new underlying
      logic for the application that is different from the mainstream DApps. From the, and in 2020, and applications such as flysign,
      miquan,, and in 2021 have gradually implemented
      new underlying logic, proving the feasibility of the free consensus direction. It is also
      in this process that the basic protocol system rapidly evolves and matures.
      1.4.The underlying logic and APP are tested in community governance
      Freecash's upgrade needs come from the needs of community governance, and the
      resulting underlying logic, basic protocols and apps have also been applied and
      verified in community governance. Since 2020, freecash community contributors have
      conducted a total of 8 contribution assessments, with 463 people making 2398
      contributions. After mutual assessment, they have won the final contribution award.
      As a core part of community governance, contribution evaluation in the first phase is
      mainly completed through wechat. With the gradual maturity of CID system,,,, flysign and other apps. The contribution evaluation
      since 2021 is mainly completed in freecash endogenous system.
      1.5.API protocol system
      With the maturity of the basic protocol system, the experimental stage of APP
      development was basically completed, and the Freecash ecosystem begun to turn to
      the development of middleware and commercial applications. In order to provide a
      unified, efficient and decentralized development and operation environment for
      commercial applications, 10 APIP protocols have been written based on 23 basic
      protocols and 46 unified apis have been provided, covering decentralized protocols,
      identity, reputation, social, organization, service and storage.
    2. Major work in progress
      2.1.API development
      The most important development effort at the moment is to implement 46 apis for
      10 APIP protocols and open them up to the ecosystem. This is a prerequisite for
      further application development.
      The development work is undertaken by three experienced developers
      speak_WMMW, sirius_8zqD and Master_Wang, and the main designers of APIP
      protocol and the developers of flysign APP participate in the assistance.
      Development is underway and will be completed in the first half of 2022.
      2.2.The SDK development
      The goal of Freecash ecological construction is to reconstruct the infrastructure of
      Internet economy with cryptography consensus mechanism to make the information
      economy more secure, efficient and free. After the API architecture was established,
      the main barrier to Internet applications switching to the Freecash infrastructure was
      the lack of familiarity with cryptography and free consensus underlying logic. This link
      itself is not complicated, only need signature verification, encryption and decryption
      and public key address three basic development tools.
      Recently, a professional team has been entrusted to develop the signature
      verification and encryption and decryption SDK of Java, JavaScript, C++ and Go
      languages, among which the encryption and decryption SDK of Java and JavaScript
      has been completed. Public Key The public key address SDK for generating FCH, BTC,
      ETH, TRX, BCH, doGE is developed by sirius_8zqD.
      2.3.Flysign 2.0
      Flysign is an online identity and asset management application that is the main testing
      ground for the underlying logic of the Freecash ecosystem. Version 1.0 provides basic
      functions such as CID identity management, password tools, Freecash payments, and
      on-chain information management.
      With the improvement of the basic protocol, Flysign can accommodate more basic
      functions of the Freecash ecosystem. In version 2.0, new functions will be added such
      as third-party login service, on-chain secret message, on-chain contact, on-chain
      safe, UTXO management, etc. The new API system will be fully adopted to further
      realize decentralization.
      At present, the UI design of Flysign 2.0 has been completed, android version APP
      development will be carried out simultaneously with API development. 4.0 is the earliest APP of Freecash, which is used for offline management of
      private keys, offline signature verification, encryption and decryption. The core is the
      safe storage and use of private keys. Encryption 3.0 version has been basically
      Version 4.0 is under development. Based on FCH as the identity, multi-chain
      addresses such as BTC, ETH, BSC, TRX, BCH, and DOGE are added to the same private
      key to save multi-chain assets for users offline. This development is synchronized with
      the public key address SDK.
      2.5.Write. Cash
      Write. Cash is a password identity manager and an entry point into the freecash
      password world. Provide on-chain sub wallet, on-chain safe, multi-identity
      management, optional UTXO, currency day destruction and query features.
      ( write. Cash
      At present, UI design has been completed, and android version APP development
      will be carried out simultaneously with API development.
      2.6.Improvement of basic protocols
      During the development of the API, SDK, and APP, the basic protocols were further
      fine-tuned and improved as problems and requirements arose.
      2.7.Encrypt backup hardware
      The Freecash ecosystem takes the private key as its security core. The private key is
      everything, greatly simplifying the low-level logical complexity added by mnemonics,
      HD wallets, keystores, etc., but this requires a secure and convenient way to back up
      the private key. This is an uncomplicated but crucial piece of Freecash's underlying
      logic that has been missing for so long.
      Recently, the privacy backup machine project has been brewing mature, using offline
      scanning two-dimensional code printed on long-term thermal paper method, safe
      and convenient backup of private key, but also can backup mnemonic, account
      password, Google second authentication and other important information. The
      project has been organized and implemented by C_armX in conjunction with an
      experienced hardware team.
    3. Main tasks to be implemented
      3.1.API data center deployment
      After the development and implementation of APIP protocol, at least 2 data service
      centers will be deployed at home and abroad to conduct service test and debugging
      with Flysign 2.0. After maturity, services will be provided for further commercial
      application development and operation.
      3.2.Decentralized asset management applications
      Develop a decentralized multi-chain asset management application based on
      Freecash underlying logic, basic protocols, API services and SDK. The application has
      decentralized identity, credit, social and other basic modules, and can manage FCH,
      BTC, ETH, TRX, BCH, DOGE with a single identity. And the corresponding USDT, USDC
      and other on-chain assets.
      3.3.Decentralized social communication applications
      Based on Freecash underlying logic, basic protocol, API service and SDK, develop
      social communication applications with relatively defensive functions, including
      identity management, reputation management, on-chain secret message, off-chain
      private chat, open group chat, intra-organization communication and other functions,
      and explore a new social mode that is safe, efficient and anti-monopoly.
      3.4.Decentralized knowledge publishing applications
      Based on Freecash underlying logic, basic protocol, API service and SDK, develop
      open personal knowledge publishing applications, including identity management,
      reputation management, knowledge editing, knowledge publishing, knowledge
      evaluation, author attention, knowledge diffusion and other functions.
      3.5.Decentralized file management applications
      Based on Freecash underlying logic, basic protocols, API services, and SDK, Freecash
      is used as the basic account and file index entry to connect various centralized and
      decentralized storage systems and form a cross-platform distributed storage mode
      with the help of market mechanism to provide users with decentralized cloud file
      storage and management applications.
      3.6.Open trading platform for digital products
      Based on Freecash underlying logic, basic protocol, API service and SDK, develop
      digital products, especially digital artwork release, certification, circulation platform.
      3.7.Promotion of various applications
      Flysign 2.0 and Privacy Backup will be ready in 2022 and will need to be promoted
      accordingly. However, the main promotion needs to wait for the completion of the
      above commercial application. These commercial applications can reflect the
      advantages of the decentralized infrastructure provided by Freecash from different
      perspectives and translate these advantages into business profits. A series of
      marketing campaigns will coincide with the launch of these apps, which will take place
      in the second half of 2023.

    Related application interface Android, offline signature sending FCH, offline signature verification,
    code scanning system.
    Flysign: Android, online sending and receiving, information chaining, signature
    verification, encryption and decryption, chain message viewing, code scanning and
    code making. Extraction code: w4kg
    Miquan:Android, online sending and receiving, information on the chain, secret
    messages on the chain, groups on the chain, safe on the chain.

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