Contribute Data Structure

  • The distribution of contribution rewards for the governance fund requires the registration of contributions that have already occurred.

    The recommended data structure for contribution registration is as follows:

    Contribution data structure:

    CID: Required. The CID to which the contribution belongs. Individuals can use different CIDs for different contributions based on social or privacy needs.

    Title: Required. A brief title for this contribution. For example: Design CID registration
    activity poster. It must be short.

    Description: Required. Describe the content of this contribution in a concise and summarized manner, including what has been done.

    Effectiveness: Optional. Describe in a brief and summarized way the positive impact of this contribution on the development of the ecosystem.

    Start time: Optional. The date on which this contribution began to be implemented.
    End time: Optional. The date on which this contribution was completed.

    Task source: Optional. The initiator of this contribution, such as oneself, a community member, the management committee, the development committee, etc.
    Collaborator CID: Optional. The CIDs of the relevant collaborators.

    Materials: Optional. Supporting materials that help to verify the above facts, such as forum post links, software storage links, image links, etc.

    Project I: Optional. The main projects of the ecosystem, such as CID, the CoinDay Plan, the portal website, etc. Can be filled in by oneself.

    Project II: Optional. Sub-projects under Project I, such as "CID Reward Registration Campaign" under the CID project. Can be filled in by oneself.

    Category I: Optional. Divided into six major categories: strategy, development, management, promotion, facilities, finance.

    Category II: Optional. Subcategories under Category I, such as "Chinese Community Promotion" and "English Community Promotion" under "Promotion". Can be divided by oneself.

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