Governance Fund Distribution Management Plan

  • The governance fund has matured since April 10, 2020. After consultation by the management committee to ensure safety and decentralization, the governance fund will be distributed and used according to the following plan:

    1. The governance fund address will be transferred to the aggregation address every 6 hours: The governance fund consists of a large number of 25f utxos, which need to be aggregated before distribution and use. Therefore, the governance fund will first transfer many small utxos to the aggregation address. For safety reasons, the private keys of the governance fund address and the aggregation address are held by different people.
    The governance fund address is: FTqiqAyXHnK7uDTXzMap3acvqADK4ZGzts
    The aggregation address is: FRc5NXWeUCAJxnCkJwZ8fyUiWTeXWykk33

    2.Contribution reward distribution addresses will issue contribution rewards every 2 days: Contribution reward distribution addresses will distribute contribution rewards according to the evaluation ratio for each period.

    3.The balance of the governance fund that has not yet been distributed will be stored in the balance temporary storage address, which will be managed by the management committee.

    Overall, the governance fund will try to achieve real-time transfer and distribution of funds to reduce the security risks of each address and minimize the centralization risk of management.

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