【Tutorial】How to get FCH address?

  • There are four methods to obtain an FCH address, choose the one that suits your situation based on security and convenience.

    Method 1: Online generation on Sign.cash

    Security: Low
    Convenience: High

    On the "Generate Address" webpage of Sign.cash, enter a long and random passphrase to generate an address and private key. Keep the private key safe and do not disclose it. The address can be used to receive FCH, and the public key can be used to encrypt messages.

    Note: The private key generated in this way is not secure, for example, the passphrase may be obtained by the input method. Therefore, it can only be used for learning or small amount transactions, and should not be used to store large amounts of assets.

    Method 2: Offline generation using Misign

    Security: High
    Convenience: Moderate

    On an Android phone (7.0 or above), download Misign from Sign.cash, enter a long and random passphrase in the "Generate Address" section to generate an address and private key. Follow the instructions to save and copy the backup to paper, and carefully verify it. The address can be viewed in the "Manage Private Key" section and on the home page of Misign, which also displays the first saved address and QR code. Video reference:


    The passphrase entered must be long and random enough to avoid being guessed by hacker's programs.
    If security requirements are not high (for small amounts or for learning and testing), it is possible to use an online method on a mobile phone.

    Method 3: Address Conversion

    Security: Medium
    Convenience: Low

    If you have the private key of a BTC or BCH address, you can convert it to an FCH address on the "Address Conversion" page of Sign.cash. To spend FCH from this address in the future, you need to import the private key into "Misign" or another wallet with private key import functionality.


    The "private key" is not a mnemonic phrase but a long string of characters starting with L or K, such as: L29jbWbx8xCmNFByqzS8hmKqGPudmTUzweDTBUJH7wqeF5yAqS3m.
    Only the "address" is used for conversion, and the "private key" should never be entered on any internet-connected device.

    Method 4: Setting up a node

    Security: High
    Convenience: Low

    Download the FCH node software on your computer and set up a node to send and receive FCH. Download link: https://github.com/freecashorg/freecash/releases.

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