Security Instructions for Using MiQian

  • Cryptocurrency is a type of ledger currency, and your account is your address. Here is an FCH address: FAmwiAFdnGiwxvWrFnedPkNS8B8woH1MBN.

    Just as we use a password to control account funds, each FCH address corresponds to a password, which we call a "private key". The private key for the above address is: L4bo4FvKjwd6F9Z2pKsxdDYr6nqWLNGVYjUaTRYpxMP8FJRswM6g.

    FCH's private keys can be used to calculate addresses, but addresses cannot be used to calculate private keys. This is called "asymmetric cryptography." Whoever has the private key can calculate the address and control the currency on that address. Additionally, cryptocurrency is anonymous, so whoever has the private key corresponding to an address owns the currency on that address. Therefore, remember:

    NEVER disclose or lose your private key!!!
    NEVER disclose or lose your private key!!!
    NEVER disclose or lose your private key!!!

    When using cryptographic signature operations for addresses and private keys, please pay attention to the following security issues:

    Keep your device offline, i.e., do not connect it to other devices via cables, mobile networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, or any other means.
    Make sure that the private key and password are never disclosed or lost. The password used to generate the private key can generate the private key at any time, but the private key cannot be deduced from the password. When using a brain wallet password, make sure it is not easily guessed or forgotten!
    When displaying private keys, passwords, or mnemonic words on the screen, make sure the surroundings are secure, with no one else able to view or capture the screen.
    The private key, password, or mnemonic phrase used to store assets must be securely backed up offline in at least two places and kept separately, and checked regularly.
    If this device is lost or potentially compromised, immediately use the backup private key to transfer assets to a secure address.
    When generating a private key from a password, the password should be of sufficient length and complexity, preferably 40 characters or more, and include multiple types of characters, and may include a certain length of random numbers. Do not use famous quotes or poems. Remember, you are facing computers around the world that are cracking private keys.
    The code that generates passwords on this device is open source (, and you can test and compare it with simple passwords on to prevent attackers from impersonating the password signature app and providing leaked private keys. Never use passwords used to store assets for online testing.

    You can generate private keys or mnemonic phrases in a secure and trusted external device and import them into the MiQian device by scanning or manually entering them. The security of this process will depend on the source of the private key and the mnemonic phrase and your operations.
    Again, emphasize that the private key must never be disclosed or lost, and the device must be offline. This is the meaning of MiQian.

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