2020 Governance Funds distribution scheme(Frame en.draft)

  • Half amount of the output (7.2 million) of the Governance Fund in 2020 rewards contributions happened before 2020, another half (7.2 million) rewards the contribution of 2020. The reason is that there is no matured governance fund before 2020, and the total governance fund in 2020 is double that of 2021 (because of the reduction).

    In 2020, the governance fund will be allocated on a quarterly basis, with 1.8 million quarterly.

    10 percent (0.18 million) are kept on the management committee every quarter for urgent needs.

    90 percent (1.62 million) rewarded this quarter's contribution.

    All contributions in the same quarter are determined by the evaluation committee with relative weights, which 1.62 million awards are allocated based on.

    Contributions are measured based on actual occurrences. For example, if a wallet launches online in the third month of the first quarter of 2020, it will be calculated based on one month's contribution. After this wallet continues to run, it will continue to receive subsequent contribution rewards.

    This framework has reached consensus among the main early contributors, and more details are waiting for discussion to be clear ...

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