• fch在 Hight 14995 受到攻击。攻击者利用1.0.2版本的一个bug进行攻击,造成14995-14997出现分叉。攻击者的分叉没有其他矿工跟随,但导致矿池和浏览器数据出现混乱。在矿池和浏览器升级至1.0.3后,已恢复正常。请所有节点升级至1.0.3,以避免本节点出现错误。目前,观察到的节点只有183.255.160.175 和113.250.213.16尚未升级。最新版本1.0.3下载地址:https://github.com/freecashorg/freecash/releases

    fch was attacked at Hight 14995. The attacker used a bug in version 1.0.2 to cause a fork in 14995-14997. The attacker's fork was not followed by other miners, but caused chaos in the mining pool and browser data. After upgrading the mining pool and browser to 1.0.3, it has returned to normal. Please upgrade all nodes to 1.0.3 to avoid errors on this node. Currently, only and observed nodes have not been upgraded. Download the latest version 1.0.3: https://github.com/freecashorg/freecash/releases

  • 仍有部分节点没有升级

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