• FCH运行24小时趋于稳定



    截止2020年1月2日0点(北京时间8点),FCH运行24小时,难度从1上涨到6,584,905.56。全网算力达到465.02 TSol/s,算力增长超400万倍,矿工数达到2552个。共挖出2552个区块,平均每位矿工挖到1个区块。


    FCH run for 24 hours

    FCH was officially launched at 00:00 GMT on January 1, 2020. The genesis block was dug up at 0: 0: 2 and the hash was: 00000000cbe04361b1d6de82b893a7d8419e76e99dd2073ac0db2ba0e652eea8.

    By 9 am GMT, the minier exceeded 1,300. The ASIC miner entered mining, and the CPU and GPU were forced to exit. From the CPU, to Gpu to the ASIC miner, BTC has gone through 5 years, and FCH only took 9 hours.

    As of 00:00 on January 2, 2020, the FCH runs for 24 hours, and the difficulty increases from 1 to 6,584,905.56. The hashrate of the entire network reached 465.02 TSol / s, the hashrate increased by more than 4 million times, and the number of miners reached 2,552. A total of 2552 blocks have been mined, and an average miner has mined 1 block.

    With the help of the DAA provided by BCH, although the hashrate of FCH increased by 4 million times on the first day of operation, the number of blocks produced did not exceed twice the normal daily 1,440 blocks, and quickly stabilized.

    For more information, please refer to:
    Website: freecash.org
    Browser: freecash.info

    By the way: Does anyone want to open a freecash or fch section on reddit? Published news in this regard.

  • 算力增长好快,cpu已经挖不到了。

  • @ChangyongLiu 非常好。

  • @ChangyongLiu 越来越好~~

  • 不错不错,继续加油~期待越来越好~

  • 慢慢变富就靠它啦!

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