• FIPA4: CoinDays
    Version: 1
    Language: en-US
    Author: Deisler-JJ_Sboy
    Status: draft
    Created date: 2021-03-08
    Last modified date:2022-04-05
    PID: "unknown"




    General rules of FIPA type protocols

    Rules specific to this protocol

    CoinDays of an UTXO

    CoinDays of an CID

    Coindays Destoryed


    ProtocolType: FIPA
    SerialNumber: 4
    ProtocolName: CoinDays
    VersionNumber: 1
    Description : CoinDays is an indicator for FCH holders.
    Author: Deisler-JJ_Sboy,C_armX
    Language: en-US
    Tags: FIPA, CoinDays

    General consensus of FIPA protocols

    FIPA protocols make improvements to the FCH ecosystem. These improvements will not lead to a hard fork of the main network, and will not write information on the blockchain.

    Consensus of this protocol

    1. CoinDays(CD) can be simply understood as: (quantity of coins) multiplied by (holding time).
    2. Exact calculation. The precision of FCH is 0.00000001 FCH, or 1 Satoshi.
    3. The unit of the number of Coindays is "cd".
        # e.g. : 987654321 Satoshi = 9.87 Coins
        Coins = (SatoshiOfUTXO / 1000000) /100.0

    The Timestamp in the blockheader is seconds from Unix Epoch, and we need to format it to Days. We define the calculation as follows:

        Days =  (generatedTimestamp - spentTimestamp) / (24 * 3600)
        generatedTimestamp = Timestamp of blockHeader when UTXO is generated
        spentTimestamp = Timestamp of blockHeader when the UTXO is spent

    CoinDays of a UTXO

        CoinDays of a UTXO =  CoinsOfUTXO * DaysOfUTXO

    CoinDays of an address

    An address may has more than one UTXOs. The CoinDays of an address is the sum of all its UTXO's CoinDays.

        sum(CoinDays of a UTXO)

    Coindays Destoryed

    When a utxo is spent, its coindays are destroyed, called CoindaysDestoryed (CDD).

    The CDD of an address refers to the sum of all destroyed CDDs of all UTXOs spent of the address.

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