• FIPA6: Guide
    Version: 1
    Language: en-US
    Author: C_armX
    Status: draft
    Created date: 2021-04-25
    Last modified date:2022-02-12
    PID: "unknown"




    General rules of FIPA type protocols

    Rules specific to this protocol


    ProtocolType: FIPA
    SerialNumber: 6
    ProtocolName: Guide
    VersionNumber: 1
    Description : Define the sender of the first utxo received by an address as its Guide.
    Author: C_armX
    Language: en-US
    Tags: FIPA, guide

    General consensus of FIPA protocols

    FIPA protocols make improvements to the FCH ecosystem. These improvements will not lead to a hard fork of the main network, and will not write information on the blockchain.

    Consensus of this protocol

    1. The guide is the address who introduces a new active address into the freecash society.

    2. The address of the first input of the transaction by which a new address received its first utxo is the guide of this new address.

    3. The addresses with the first utxo from coinbase have no guide.


    1. FEk41Kqjar45fLDriztUDTUkdki7mmcjWK is the guide of F86zoAvNaQxEuYyvQssV5WxEzapNaiDtTW due to the former send the first utxo to the later in transaction ae1c03dd8ca6be465ecdf0e5ff86082a76c37fa83969452009faf5d4d4b9d8d7.

    2. FTqiqAyXHnK7uDTXzMap3acvqADK4ZGzts has no guide because it received its first utxo from coinbase in transaction 2fa578c425d4c6872d1ebd6a4b28c6d42a2d3c7826158956b8cd326de789f65a.

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