• FEIP10V1_NoticeFee(en-US)



    General rules of FEIP type protocols

    Rules specific to this protocol



    Protocol type: FEIP
    Serial number: 10
    Protocol name: NoticeFee
    Version: 1
    Description : A identity declares the minimum payment amount with which it is willing to receive the on-chain message notifications.
    Author: C_armX
    Language: en-US
    Created date: 2021-04-26
    Last modified date:2023-01-11

    General consensus of FEIP type protocols

    1. Write important data in OP_RETURN for public witness under FEIP type protocols.

    2. The SIGHASH flag of all transaction inputs is ‘ALL’ (value 0x01).

    3. The max size of OP_RETURN : 4096 bytes.

    4. The format of the data in op_return: JSON.

    5. Encoding : utf-8.

    Consensus of this protocol

    1. Notice fee is the minimum payment amount that an address is willing to receive on-chain message notifications. It is used to avoid spam message.

    2. When there are multiple inputs, the notice fee is for the address of the first input.

    3. When a new notice fee is declared, the old one is automatically cancelled.


    The OP_RETURN of which contains the data as follows:

    field number field name type content required
    1 type String Fixed: "FEIP"
    2 sn int Serial number<br>Fixed: 10 Y
    3 ver int Fixed: 1 Y
    4 name String Fixed: "NoticeFee" N
    5 pid string The PID of this protocol N
    6 data.noticeFee float64 Amout of fch<br>Up to 8 decimal places Y


        "type": "FEIP",
        "sn": 10,
        "ver": 1,
        "name": "NoticeFee",
        "pid": "",

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