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    General consensus of FEIP

    Consensus of this protocol

    Make a statement


    Protocol type: FEIP
    Serial number: 8
    Protocol name: Statement
    Version: 5
    Description : Make statements on chain.
    Author: C_armX
    Language: en-US
    Create: 2021-06-18

    General consensus of FEIP

    1. FEIP type protocols write data of consensus in OP_RETURN for public witness.

    2. The SIGHASH flag of all transaction inputs: ‘ALL’ (value 0x01).

    3. The max size of OP_RETURN : 4096 bytes.

    4. The format of the data in op_return: JSON.

    5. Encoding : utf-8.

    Consensus of this protocol

    1. Anyone can sign and publish an on-chain statement.

    2. STID(statement identity):Take the txid where the statement was published as the ID of this statement.

    3. The content of the statement is that the signer clearly agrees and is willing to bear corresponding responsibilities.

    4. Once a statement published, it can't be deleted or updated.

    Publish a statement

    The OP_RETURN of which contains the data as follows:

    field number field name type content required
    1 type String Fixed: "FEIP" Y
    2 sn int Serial number. Fixed: 8 Y
    3 ver int Fixed: 5 Y
    4 name String Fixed: "Statement" N
    5 pid hex Id of this protocol N
    6 data.title string the title of statement N
    7 data.content string the content of statement Y
    8 data.confirm string Fixed: "This is a formal and irrevocable statement." Y


    	"type": "FEIP",
    	"sn": 8,
    	"ver": 5,
    	"name": "Statement",
    	"pid": "",
    	"data": {
    		"title": "About Donation",
    		"content": "I accept donations from any one.",
    		"confirm": "This is a formal and irrevocable statement."

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