• FIPA2: Signature
    Version: 3
    Language: en-US
    Author: C_armX
    Status: draft
    Created date: 2021-12-11
    File hash: "unknown"




    General rules of FIPA type protocols

    Rules specific to this protocol


    ProtocolType: FIPA
    SerialNumber: 2
    ProtocolName: Signature
    VersionNumber: 3
    Description : Define the json of the signature data.
    Author: C_armX,Free_Cash
    Language: en-US
    Tags: FIPA, Signature

    General rules of FIPA protocols

    FIPA protocols make improvements to the FCH ecosystem. These improvements will not lead to a hard fork of the main network, and will not write information on the blockchain.

    Rules specific to this protocol

    1. This protocol defines the data format of Freecash ecological message signature.

    2. The default signature algorithm is ecdsa signature algorithm with Base64 encoding.

    3. Data is in JSON.

    4. The signatures are transmitted in the following format:

    name type description required
    algorithm string Signature algorithm, the default is "ecdsa". Not case sensitive. N
    message string Raw message Y
    address string FCH address of the signer Y
    signature string The signature encoded with Base64 Y
    • example

    signer: FEk41Kqjar45fLDriztUDTUkdki7mmcjWK

    publicKey: 030be1d7e633feb2338a74a860e76d893bac525f35a5813cb7b21e27ba1bc8312a

    privateKey: L2bHRej6Fxxipvb4TiR5bu1rkT3tRp8yWEsUy4R1Zb8VMm2x7sd8

    "algorithm": "ecdsa",

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