Contribution Reporting Related Issues

  • Contribution Reporting Related Issues

    About Several Important Time Nodes

    1. Contribution Cycle: Contribution evaluation is an after-the-fact evaluation. All reported contributions must have occurred within the contribution cycle, and other time periods are invalid.

    2. Deadline for Contribution Reporting: The deadline for contribution reporting is generally within 2 weeks after the end of the current contribution period. Contributions submitted beyond this time will be invalid.

    3. Evaluation Time: The evaluation timetable arrangement at all levels will be announced before each evaluation period, and no evaluation beyond the time will be regarded as the default current evaluation result.

    Reporting Platform:

    Reporting Attention

    1. The contribution CID and title are required, and other fields are optional. However, providing a clear description of one's contributions and relevant co-authors can help others understand and give positive evaluations.

    2. One person can participate in the evaluation with multiple CIDs, as long as other evaluators can identify the contribution and give an evaluation. Alternatively, it is possible to use only one CID for convenience.

    3. It is recommended to report contributions in real-time to avoid missing the deadline for contribution reporting.

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