Free Consensus Infrastructure Architecture

  • The underlying logic for building a cryptocurrency economy based on free consensus has been basically formed, the protocol system has been established, and the main logic and products can be divided into the following categories:

    Basics: Basic data on the main network chain
    2.CoinDays:Credit fuel in the cryptocurrency world. "FIPA4V1_CoinDays"
    3.Inviter:The first social relationship of the cryptocurrency identity. "FIPA6V1_Inviter"

    Storage: Storage logic of the cryptocurrency world
    4.Free storage:A fully open storage system. "FIPA8V1_Freedrive"

    Hash Attribute Table
    5.Data management system. "FEIP32V1_HAT"
    6.Cloud Files: Personal file management CAPP.

    Applications: Application architecture of the password world
    7.Free protocol, a consensus protocol system that is free, open, competitive, and evolutionary on the chain. "FEIP1V6_FreeProtocol Consensus"
    8.Password application, a free and open on-chain password economic application publishing and management system. "FEIP15V4_CAPP(zh-CN)"
    9.Free services, a system for on-chain free publishing of commercial products or services. "FEIP29V1_Service(en-US)"

    Identity: Identity system of the password world
    10. Password identity (CID), a unique human-recognizable identity system on the chain. "FEIP3V4_CID"
    11.Homepage, the location binding of the personal homepage published by CID. "FEIP26V1_Homepage(en-US)"
    12.Notification fee, the threshold fee for individuals to declare their willingness to receive information. "FEIP27V1_NoticeFee(en-US)"
    13.Authorized login, a non-private key application that obtains authorized login through identity management applications. "FIPA7V1_授权登录(zh-CN)"

    Relationships: Basic social relationships in the world of cryptography
    14.Inviter: The first social relationship of a cryptographic identity. "FIPA6V1_Inviter" (in English)
    15.Controller: The first declarer of a CID (Cryptographic Identity) who controls their own identity. The second basic social relationship in the world of cryptography. "FEIP6V5_Authorization" (in English)
    16.Contacts: An encrypted on-chain address book that is permanently stored and never lost. "FEIP12V3_Contacts"

    Social: Basic social patterns in the world of cryptography
    17. Private Message: An on-chain encrypted communication message that is permanently stored. "FEIP7V4_Message"
    18. Instant Messaging: Off-chain high-performance communication tool, with contact information stored on-chain, chat records locally saved, and voluntary sharing.
    19. Group: Fully open, decentralized social tool for groups. "FEIP19V1_Group"
    20. Team: Organized social collaboration tool. "FEIP28V1_Team" (in English)

    Publishing: Public Information Publishing
    21. Knowledge Base
    A platform for publishing various human public knowledge. "FEIP31V1_OpenKnowledge(en-US)"
    22. Declaration
    An official statement of personal willingness to take responsibility. "FEIP8V5_Declaration"
    23. CID Homepage
    A place that aggregates various public information of CID, also known as "CID Home".

    Work: Personal work-related applications
    24. Safe Deposit Box:An encrypted platform on the chain that permanently stores personal privacy data. "FEIP17V3_Safe"
    25. Cloud Memo
    A personal writing tool that uses distributed storage.

    Tools: Basic password tools, see FIPS CAPP
    26. Signature Verification
    27. Encryption and Decryption
    28. Hash Calculation
    29. Code Scanning and Generation

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