FreeCash Community Governance Principles (en.draft)

  • 1 Exploration and evolution
    There is no perfect case for the governance model of decentralized cryptocurrencies, and the FreeCash governance solution will continue to explore and achieve self-evolution.

    2 Voluntary collaboration
    The main motivation in the development of FreeCash is voluntary participants, each of whom does their best to collaborate on the premise of understanding the meaning of it.

    3 Governance participates
    The participants in community governance should be interests related, ensuring sufficient motivation to participate in governance, and forming a balance of power.

    4 Professional governance
    In different aspects of governance, people with corresponding professional knowledge and experience will conduct governance to improve the professional level of governance.

    5 Free flowing
    Participants in community governance are able to join in and back out by themselves depending on the governance and their own needs, and all aspects of governance do not depend on specific individual.

    6 Contribution distribution
    The governance fund will be allocated according to the participants' contributions to the system and ecology, providing continuous incentives for the development of FreeCash.

    7 Compatibility
    The design of the governance mechanism should be compatible with the economic interests of various types of participants, ensuring that self-serving individual behaviors are in line with the overall interests.

    8 Decentralization
    Decentralize power through the separation, check and balance, and dynamic adjustment of power to avoid institutional rigidity, inefficiency, and corruption caused by power centralization.

    9 Openness and transparency
    Governance mechanisms, processes, and texts are made public to achieve transparency and fairness in governance, and to prevent the dangers of centralized governance.

    10 Final decision
    Governance fund private key holders have the right to make final decision when there is a difficult dispute to avoid long-term dissensions
    11 Inclusive fork
    Participates who oppose the final distribution are able to fork freely, with the support of the existed infrastructure such as the official website, browser, and wallet on the premise of not attacking the original community

    Original post:社区治理原则

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